Our Vision

To provide a truly comfortable product that lasts, benefiting our customers physically, mentally, and financially thus improving their health and quality of sleep at an affordable price. We are proud to provide a #1 World Class Product in Australia.

Our Story

Founded in 2007, Zenna is a specialist online retailer providing Latex mattresses and associated sleep products in Australia. We are experienced mattress people with many years of diverse education, backgrounds and history in the mattress industry, who strive to help people improve the quality of their sleep. The two main partners in our business have a combined period of sixty years’ experience in our industry, twenty-four of these years in legitimate mattress manufacturing overseas holding senior positions, drawing up specifications for major international brands as well as working together with sleep laboratories.

Zenna is not an off the shelf product, it is a unique and professionally designed product created through years of thorough research and development in sleep, encompassing decades of knowledge in order to create a truly unique sleeping experience. This is a #1 world class designed 100% pure natural latex mattress.

We are specific in outsourcing manufacturing to the largest and most awarded latex mattress factory in the world. Situated in Belgium and manufacturing in latex for over 60 years. Their quality engineers, designers, scientists, and manufacturing experts collaborate closely while ensuring the environment is not negatively impacted during production. Our choice of manufacturer holds world class awards for water purification, recycling and green solar energy, as it was questionable whether there are others that follow the same practices.

Australian latex retailers are reliant on imports as there are no latex manufacturing plants in Australia. The Zenna latex core is 18cm in height, which is highly specifically designed to produce and provide stability, most latex mattress factories are limited to 15cm in height, offering layers of latex often held together by glues. As professionals in our field, we do not support the concept of layering or applying glue as glue hinders ventilation and airflow.

Zenna does not compromise on quality. We regularly assess our products in Australia and monitor every quality parameter, we also provide feedback to improve the production process, we ensure that our mattresses, pillows and toppers are of outstanding quality. Any return which is rare is personally inspected by the two main partners to ensure quality of product is up to international standards. We strive to ensure innovative and environmentally friendly products.

Community Support

Over the years we have accommodated numerous requests from NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and supported enquiries without taking profit advantage to provide product and advice to these recipients. We have also received many enquiries from those who do not have this benefit and are unable to receive such assistance. We have accepted as moral obligation where we can to assist those who are in need and have partnered closely with Glenray Industries in Bathurst NSW for the past 14 years who provide employment to those who are physically or mentally challenged.


Our support to Glenray encompasses providing orders for furniture items which are superbly produced in their commercial services workshop for non-profit from their side and ours, including providing our scratch and dent warehouse items together with the few returns we receive free of cost for them to use at their discretion.