Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Rotate and or flip. Rotate the mattress from bottom to top every six months, the zones are mirrored on either end.
Any base however, we do recommend slatted bases for breathability, with slats 8 – 10cm apart.

There are no chemical treatments to enhance fire retardant properties.

The open cell construction of latex promotes airflow. Natural movement during sleep on a latex mattress encourages air to move in and out through the open-cell structure and the pinholes. This prevents heat Retention. Zenna allows extra movement of air when moving during your sleep. This happens because when you move on the open-cell structure of latex, it creates a ‘pump and suck’ effect that encourages air to move into the area you just vacated.
Millions of interconnecting bubbles, this means that every tiny little bubble that makes up latex is connected, thus creating a lung that inhales and exhales as you move on the mattress. Latex has the least heat retention compared to all mattresses using synthetic foams.

Open cell mattresses draw warm air away from the body while allowing cool air to flow through. Heat ruins quality sleep. By pulling the warmth away from the body and allowing cool air in, the open cell technology of latex mattresses allow you to keep your cool and get a great night’s sleep.
Latex has never been hot. It is because foam layers were glued on top of the latex that people thought latex is hot. With a natural latex block and a natural cover, heat will not be an issue.

 Yes, all though Zenna has a zip-off washable cover, we recommend a mattress protector as it will be washed more frequently than the zip-off cover. Think of it as a mattress insurance policy. 

We stock bamboo mattress protectors for your convenience:

Due to the resilience of rubber Latex mattresses are the most suitable for adjustable bed basses.
There are restrictions on getting rid of your old mattress. Thankfully a company called Land Savers will happily pickup your old mattress ($35 per piece) and recycle it for you! For more information head to or call 1800 763 852
A Natural zip off washable cover ensures no skin cell or dust mite build up, a mattresses weight can double over 10 years with what they collect, and if any accidents happen, it can be removed and washed. The natural zip off washable cover can be washed at 30C degrees.

Yes, natural latex mattresses are repellent to dust mites,  mold, mildew and other types of bacteria. A latex mattress is the only mattress which is naturally resistant to dust mites. Latex, which is made from the sap of the rubber tree, is naturally resistant to dust mites as it is an inhospitable environment for them to thrive in.

The Zenna is a genuine medium, years of customer feedback has allowed us to establish this, our customers are very happy with this. Flip for a firmer or softer feel.
Flip for a firmer or softer feel.
Natural Bamboo fabric
Zenna’s is a 100% natural Product, a healthy alternative that is Chemical free. Most mattresses are petroleum based and use adhesives that give off toxic fumes as they age, creating air pollution.
Zenna’s business model is based on low mark ups and high volumes together with savings from not operating from staffed showrooms.

We accept Mastercard, VISA, Amex, PayPal and Zip Pay. We operate online or Call Us on 02 9437 6172

NO glues, chalks, fillers, foams, harmful chemicals, or metals. Zenna is one solid block of latex, Not layers.
Our mattresses are manufactured in Belgium.

No, 99% are content with the comfort provided by the genuine medium mattress.

Zenna mattresses last up to 25 years.
Latex can have a new smell which isn’t strong nor offensive, this will dissipate in the first few days.
Extremely important, children do their growing in their sleep, so correct posture and support are crucial.
Single – 25kg, King Single – 29kg, Double – 39kg, Queen – 45kg, King – 49kg
20cm’s in total


Free shipping throughout Australia except WA.

Your order will be shipped the following working day.
5 – 7 working Days.
On the courier’s website with the tracking number provided, for Sydney our transporter will deliver.
The Zenna is delivered compressed in a waterproof satchel. Triple wrapped for protection and compressed to allow easy movement into the home. optimise our packaging to benefit your wallet as well as the planet.
No, you can provide authority to leave.
King – L: 170cm W: 50cm H: 50cm,
Queen – L: 140cm W: 50cm H: 50cm,
Double – L: 125cm W: 45cm H: 45cm,
King Single – L: 95cm W: 50cm H: 50cm,
Single – L: 85cm W: 45cm H: 45cm
Delivery is to your building front door only. If you require additional delivery assistance (e.g., flights of stairs) please specify in the order instructions/comment box at checkout and a consultant will contact you to finalise any additional payment.
There is a $150 fee for return shipping and disposal fees, which will be deducted from the refund.

Returns & Exchanges

If the mattress isn’t right for you please contact us. We will coordinate the collection of your mattress working with one of our charity partners or recycling teams.
Charities are approached, however if they don’t accept it. It is disposed of.
The refund will be processed once we’ve received confirmation that the mattress has been collected. You will receive an email notifying you of the refund (please note that all refunds will be processed through the original payment method).

Mattress Sizing

Single – L188cm x W92cm x H20cm,
Long Single – L203cm x W92cm x H20cm
King single – L203cm x W107cm x H20cm
Double – L188cm x W138cm x H20cm
Queen -L203cm x W152cm x H20cm
King – L203cm x W183cm x H20cm

Zenna is not positioned to custom make sizes.

Zip | Pay

Zip Pay lets you make purchases now and pay later, without the need for a credit card.
Sign up and get approved –, you’ll have a line of credit up to $1,000 and a shopping account. Using your account and credit line, you can make purchases which you then pay back in regular instalments.
Zip Pay promotes itself as “interest-free”. It instead charges a flat fee of $6 a month on whatever is owed, and an additional $5 if the minimum monthly payment of $40 is not made on time. It also charges a 4% upfront fee to the retailer; that is, it pays the retailer A$960, then collects $1,000 from the customer.
You can apply for can Zip Pay account during checkout ZipPay accounts are capped at $1000, but the company has made it possible to increase your credit limit to $3000. ZipPay has a sister company called ZipMoney that sells loans between $1000 to $3000.

Quality Assurance

Zenna uses the Dunlop method that allows the latex to settle naturally rather than freezing it as per the Talalay method.
The Zenna mattresses are tested for hardness and height durability. 140kg load is rolled 60,000 cycles over a mattress to simulate a 10-year usage of the mattress.
Zenna latex mattresses with normal wear and tear can lose up to 5% being 9mm height over ten years of usage. Latex mattresses have a reputation of providing up to 25 – 30 years of usage, it is important to consider that the human body changes over time and one’s level of comfort can alter with this. In rare instances folks would have to change to a different mattress even though the original would still have many years of life left. Another factor that influences the lifespan of a latex mattress would be use out of the norm such as more than the average of 8 hours sleep per night.

Warranty & Trial Period

Zenna mattresses come with a 25 year defect warranty, this excludes natural settling, soiling, staining, damage to the cover or actual latex not under our control and mould on the cover.

Yes, The cover is removable in 2 simple sections for convenience, top and bottom. Our bamboo topper can be spot cleaned (with warm soapy water, remembering to dry it out completely afterwards).
Zones are scientifically designed to allow for the natural curves of the body. zones naturally allow body shape by giving around the shoulders and hips but supporting in the small of your back, this promotes circulation and reduces the number of times you have to move during sleep.
The Zenna is professionally triple wrapped for protection and compressed to allow easy movement into the home.
Yes standard Australian sizes.
Yes, we have a 100-day comfort guarantee trial period.
There is a $150 fee for return shipping and disposal fees, which will be deducted from the refund.
Bamboo is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, it has the lowest carbon footprint of all fabrics, and is considered the most breathable fabric on earth.
Mould cannot grow on latex. Mildew cannot collect in latex and moisture is constantly evaporated due to our open cell construction and ventilation holes, which breathes air in and out of the mattress as you move.
Latex is naturally anti-allergy and anti-dust mite.
Skin cells and dust mites can make up to 1/3rd of old mattresses. It is scary how much dust (skin flakes) accumulates in a mattress over the years. Even regular vacuuming cannot clean as well as an occasional wash for superior hygiene.
The collection of rubber sap is sustainable as it does not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
Choice magazine says expect 20-25 years from a good quality latex mattress. Most innerspring manufacturers say to expect 8-10 years good life from their mattresses!

Mould and mildew cannot grow on latex, it can however like any other mattress grow on the cover and may stain the latex. Replacement bamboo covers are available for purchase on request.