• A lovely supportive yet gently soft mattress. Having severe spinal injuries, sleeping on the Zenna has relieved most of the morning pains. We have slept on many other mattresses at family and friends homes, all of which are new and expensive and we always look forward to sleeping in our own bed. The Zenna is possibly the best, most comfortable, long lasting mattress with fewer chemicals than others. We live in a very hot climate without air conditioning and have found the Zenna not to become overly hot. All in all, we are very pleased with the comfort and quality of the mattress and would recommend it to others. We have also been very pleased with the ease of contacting you and your great customer service and will be soon looking at purchasing single beds for our children.

    Scott & Kristy
  • We love the Zenna. It was great the way it was vacuum packed into a roll so was easy to transport up 3 flights of stairs and unpack. It is ridiculously comfortable. Such a pleasure to go to bed and great to know it is going to last for a long time!

    Lily & Raf Crowley
  • Thank you for your excellent service and attention to detail when I purchase one of your Zenna latex mattresses. I can confirm that I hold your Zenna latex mattress in very high regard. It is a superior latex mattress in my experience to any other latex product in a similar price range. When I sleep on petrochemical foam based mattress I suffer from allergies. No so with your Zenna mattress, it is a delight to sleep on.

  • Hi Team Zenna, Thank you for this amazing high quality product! Best nights sleep in a long time. Both my husband and I have issues with most mattresses digging in here and there or putting pressure on the wrong spots causing me to wake in pain or we would be feeling stiff and sore in the morning, not with the Zenna! Regarding feedback requested for the courier - fasttracks eta was out by one day but they said that was because the mattress arrive at about the same time/just after the couriers left for the day. Their customer service on the phone was nice and the delivery courier was helpful and pleasant. Thank you again for providing an affordable quality product, we look forward to spending many more nights sleeping soundly on our Zenna! Feel free to use parts of this email as testimony on your website, I'd also be happy for my name to be put against it. Thanks again!

    Anna Panoch
  • Hi, we are watching carefully to feel how our Queen Zenna goes (bought in Sept 2016). Still ridiculously comfy and does have supportive zones under our bums and shoulder point. Kind of cradles in the right places though. Rotated it once and wished we hadn't as it was more comfy before. All in all very happy with our step up in sleeping better. Had a latex mattress on our wishlist for years and only felt right about this one after all your patient replies to our many questions. We knew many other 'latex' mattress on the market weren't the real thing and full of evil chemicals. Feel free to quote any of our comments...

    The Blains