Green Initiatives



For decades, our manufacturers have been pioneers in sustainable business development. We have worked hard to minimize the environmental impact of the company's activities. We were the first in our market to deploy our own water treatment plant, so as to use 100% green energy in our manufacturing processes and to set up our own recycling company.


Sustainable raw materials

Everything we do testifies to our environmental concern. In our production processes, sustainability starts when selecting the raw materials. Every Zenna mattress contains only 100% natural latex. Natural latex; the juice of the tropical rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) is an inexhaustible, natural raw material. All rubber trees worldwide neutralize over 90 million tons of CO2 per year.


Reducing energy consumption

Over the past eight years, we have reduced our energy consumption by almost 50%, by investing in new technology and sustaining our efforts to rationalize energy use. In addition, we have made large investments in the installation of solar panels. The remaining electricity part that’s not generated internally is 100% certified green energy.


Wastewater recycling

We also invested heavily in wastewater recycling technology. Through our innovative technique (which won several industry awards) our wastewater is purified intensively, so that it can be reused. We are working with a closed loop water circuit.


Recycling waste

17 years ago, our manufactures established a Solution Program, subsidiary that converts our latex waste into new, useful products. In this way, 4,000 tons of waste is reused per year.