Mattress Features


Pure 100% Natural Certified European Latex Core

At ZENNA we personally audit all our suppliers’ products to ensure that the highest quality standards are provided. Through decades of experience in authentic mattress manufacturing, our professional expertise ensures that our specifications are manufactured ethically and with consideration to the planet’s environment.

ZENNA displays transparency at all levels with nothing to hide. 100% natural sap from sustainably farmed rubber trees, we design our own products, buy directly from European manufacturers, and optimize our packaging to benefit your wallet as well as the planet.

We are specific in outsourcing manufacturing to the largest and most awarded latex mattress factory in the world. Situated in Belgium and manufacturing in latex for over 60 years. Their quality engineers, designers, scientists, and manufacturing experts collaborate closely while ensuring the environment is not negatively impacted during production. Our choice of manufacturer holds world-class awards for water purification, recycling, and green solar energy.

The Zenna mattress is good for you and good for the environment too.

  • Eco-Institute - certifying that Zenna contains 100% pure natural latex
  • Oeko-Tex Class 1 - certifying no harmful substances to humans
  • EuroLatex – An award for being environment friendly

These certifications guarantee our mattresses core for no harmful substances and comply with the Belgian government for Environmental care. No calcium-based fillers are used to “enhance the process-ability” as is done by most latex manufacturers.

Our eco-friendly, sustainable Bamboo fabric is regarded as being the best environmentally careful fabric currently available and conforms to strict European standards.


One solid Block/Core

Zenna is one solid block of Latex, the foundation upon which latex built its reputation for longevity since 1930. made from the sap of sustainably farmed rubber trees, it isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the environment too. Most latex mattresses come in multiple layers (often containing materials other than latex), Layers of latex are cheaper than one solid block. This compromises the integrity and longevity of the mattress. Every time the mattress is moved those layers are shuffling around creating wear and tear and a possible different feel. Some layered mattresses use glues between the layers and glue to keep the cover on, this defeats the purpose of ventilation.

The Zenna mattress is manufactured using the Dunlop method, the process in which “Liquid latex extract is mechanically whipped to form a frothy foam. The frothy material is placed in a mould,” creating one core of latex that is stable and aerated. Aeration allows for different densities, so with the Zenna design one side of the mattress is firmer and when flipped over a softer feel.

Our latex is designed with an open cell structure, in other words it is full of cells that aren't completely encapsulated, the cells are deliberately left open. This makes the latex softer and more flexible. an open cell structure provides aerated bubbles circulating airflow and drastically reducing body heat retention.

The Zenna core is 18cm thick which unique to European latex mattress production. Most latex factories are limited to 15cm in height hence why they offer a layered product giving consumers options of mattress designs 20cm or more in height.

Zenna development professionals do not support the concept of multiple layers as this merely provides toppers in a cover, nor do we support glued layers as this inhibits the breathability of the product.


Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dust Mite

Zenna’s is a 100% natural Product, a healthy alternative free of chemicals. Most mattresses are petroleum based and use adhesives that give off toxic fumes as they age, creating air pollution. Zenna is Oeko - Tek and Eco Institute certified, to ensure no harmful chemicals are in the product.

Zenna is naturally anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial. (There are No layers in the Zenna mattress, no glues, chalks, fillers, foams, harmful chemicals, or metal, Zenna retains absolutely no mildew, moisture or other nasties.) (Due to latex having an open-cell structure, this allows air to move in and out freely creating a ‘pump and suck effect.’) The air circulation reduces moisture meaning potential moulds and bacteria cannot grow inside.

Each 100% natural Latex mattress is free from toxic and harmful chemicals. A Zenna mattress is one step forward to a healthier you.


Natural bamboo zip off washable cover

The natural bamboo cover is eco-friendly and protects the entire bed. Bamboo is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and has the lowest carbon footprint of all fabrics. Generally, bamboo fabrics are not absorbent and wick away moisture twice as fast as cotton, they are exceptionally breathable and much cooler sleep experience.

It protects the mattress structurally as well as from allergens such as dust mites. It naturally helps in reducing body heat and moisture and is a great natural way of improving the quality of sleep.

The cover is removable in 2 simple sections for convenience, top and bottom, it is washable and can be machine-washed, Normal or lukewarm water can be used to wash these mattress covers in a washing machine at a gentle speed. These covers retain their shape and quality even after multiple washing efforts.


7 Naturally adjusting comfort zones providing support where you need it

Zones are created along the surface of the Zenna mattress, covering the areas of the head, shoulders, back, hips, knees, legs and ankles, they are designed to provide pressure relief and comfort during sleep.

A zoned mattress will help deal with the varying body regions in varying sleeping positions, and balance them for alignment and pressure relief. These kinds of mattresses help those with a range of medical conditions, and those of a heavier build, but everyone can benefit and get a better night’s rest from sleeping on one.

Consider the sleeping preferences of different people, different body weights, all kinds of sleeping positions and whether they sleep alone or with a partner. Different levels of pressure exerted in each of the individuals sleeping areas can cause discomfort with every small change in sleeping position. The seven zones help with the differing variances in partners, each zone acts like a pressure ventilator meaning body temperature can be more effectively regulated.

The Zenna is designed to provide varying levels of support, across seven different zones inside 1 block of latex. Designed for optimal spinal alignment during sleep. Sleep = recovery time for the body, hence the sleep environment created by a mattress needs to help in offering the most optimal conditions for recovery. The two most important zones are the hip and shoulder-zone. The hip zone allows for the natural curvature of the hip and allows the firmer back zone to fit into the small of the back to eliminate lack of support. In the shoulder zones, a sleeper needs a softer section to make sure the shoulders can sink in to establish the most comfortable position.

Zenna provides 7 zones of support ensuring optimal alignment and support. The 7 zones are designed to accommodate the curves of the sleeper's body. In particular the hip and shoulder areas are made softer thus providing support and correct spine alignment. A level spine medically is considered a healthy position. Pressure points are reduced, and blood circulation improved.

Spinal alignment = natural position = optimal recovery while we sleep.


100-Night Trial

Zenna offers a 100-night trial to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. In order to adequately assess if the bed is suitable to your personal requirements, we require you to sleep on the bed for a minimum of 14-days.

If you’re not happy with your Zenna within 100 nights, contact us to arrange return and refund.

  • All returned items must in a sanitary condition for handling and donation purposes.
  • 100-day trial is void if product is altered, broken, damaged, soiled or stained.
  • The 100-day Guarantee does not apply to mattress size changes.
  • The 100-day Guarantee period begins the day you receive your mattress.


Fast and free Shipping

Free shipping Australia-wide, takes up to 5-7 working days for capital cities and regional areas from the time of your order.

Delivered compressed in a waterproof packaging.

Delivery is to your building front door only. If you require additional delivery assistance (e.g., flights of stairs) please specify in the order instructions/comment box at checkout and a consultant will contact you to finalise any additional payment.

For any questions, please call us on 02 9437 6172.

We only ship within Australia.


25-year Warranty 20 to 25-year lifespan

Zenna provides a 25-year warranty on the mattresses. The Zenna mattresses are tested for hardness and height durability. 140kg load is rolled 60,000 cycles over a mattress to simulate a 10-year usage of the mattress.

The Zenna mattress exceeds the international ISO requirements of 5% loss of height over 10 years. This means that other than natural settling (if any) which is well below ISO minimum requirements you will not experience sagging and your Zenna mattress will keep its outstanding qualities over time.


Warranty Details

Zenna provides a 25-year warranty on the mattresses.

Should the mattress have visible damage after removing the packaging Zenna would need to be notified within two days, should the cover only be damaged then the replacement would be limited to the cover and not the whole mattress.

During the first 10 years of the warranty starting from the actual delivery date any indentation under 5% or 9mm of core thickness will be considered to be natural settling, for 20 years 10% or 18mm and for 25 years 15% or 23mm, anything in excess of this will be considered a warranty claim and the latex core replaced, this excludes replacing the cover.


  • Comfort levels. Over time one’s body and comfort levels can change; this is not deemed a product defect.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damage to the cover or core arising from moving the mattress, abnormal use or misuse.
  • Mould incidence. Mould and mildew cannot grow on latex, it can however like any other mattress grow on the cover and may stain the latex. Replacement bamboo covers are available for purchase on request.


Simple return policy

If the mattress isn’t right for you, please Contact us on 02 9437 6172 or email us at within the 100-day trial period. Include your name, original order number and the item you are returning, and we will arrange for your bed to be collected.

We will coordinate the collection of your mattress working with one of our charity partners or recycling teams. Our team will try their best to donate your product.

Delivery charges for the return of the initial purchase back to the Zenna warehouse ($150 delivery fee).

All returns and refunds are subject to Zenna approval.

The refund will be processed once we’ve received confirmation that the mattress has been collected. You will receive an email notifying you of the refund (please note that all refunds will be processed through the original payment method).