Wimaflex Electric Adjustable Flexible Bases

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Forest, in 100% FSC® timber, is a member of the wide Wimaflex anatomical bed-bases that combine cutting edge technology production processes with artisan craftsmanship, paying special attention to sustainability, environment and human values.


Indulge in the pleasure of all your beloved activities right from the coziness of your bed, effortlessly! With a mere touch of a button, experience the convenience and relaxation like never before, as this adaptable motorized bed base elevates your head and legs using a remote control. This ingeniously designed system works harmoniously with your latex mattress, ensuring an ergonomically optimized and exceptionally comfortable sleep experience.


For the ultimate in personalising your favourite comfort position, this bed frame comes with ergonomic wooden slats coupled with a motor adjustable head and foot areas.

  • Separate motors for each side that can be moved together or separately (available for Queen and King sizes)
  • 13 pairs of flexible second generation PVC holders
  • High quality slats and frame made of FSC beech wood
  • Reliable German motor
  • Adjustable slats in the lumbar zone for personalised firmness and comfort
  • Softer firmness on the shoulder zone for better comfort
  • 4 (circular) wooden corner legs
  • Wireless remotes
  • Underbed Nightlight remote function
  • The (optional)headboard cover and skirting are made of eco-friendly and Oekotex certified cotton. They come with a velcro attachment for easy removal and washing.
  • Height from bed base to floor: 30cm



Personalise your comfort

Adjustable sliders allow you to personalise the elastic response of the back area to your individual needs. To increase the rigidity, simply move the sliders inwards towards the darker central leaves; to reduce it, slide them outwards towards the lighter outer leaves.

Anatomic adaptation

The double-slatted suspension units are inserted in flexible and resistant joints that can adapt to the weight and shape of the body, guaranteeing optimal ergonomic comfort.

Shoulder zone

In the shoulder support area the joints are softer and more welcoming, so even side sleepers can enjoy heavenly sleep.

Attention to detail

Sturdy and reliable patented wooden joint.


The Wimaflex range of wooden slatted bases is developed on the basis of two concepts: naturalness and warm materials. 
All the bases have a frame entirely in laminated beech plywood from sustainably managed sources. The plywood is curved by a heat process using non-polluting resins absolutely chlorine free. 
Our exclusive Dynaflex® slat is tested by the prestigious German institute W.KLAUDITZ– INSTITÜT FRAUENHOFER to guarantee the right degree of humidity, stability, resistance and flexibility.
Wimaflex wooden anatomical supports are medical devices .In addition, electromagnetic fields are reduced due to the limited use of screws in favour of rounded corners and dovetail joints. 


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