A note from The Zenna designer

“In my 25 years of bedding experience, I have never encountered a more comfortable and longer lasting mattress than latex and if you buy 100% latex it will do this consistently for 20-25 years.

I have worked for the largest bed factory in the Southern hemisphere where all major brands were made from scratch, from a roll of wire and a pallet of wood. I also did service calls for the factory, then independently went onto wholesaling and retailing mattresses up til now, heck I even grew up on latex mattresses on double bunks, I just didn’t know they were latex til I moved out the house and found other beds uncomfortable, so went back home and checked.



In my opinion the only reason Latex hasn’t pushed spring completely off the market is that some people still think it’s hot. The Zenna latex is like “Swiss cheese”, with holes top and bottom and right through the sides from left to right and north to south, this has brought air into latex that previously was not there, making the mattresses lighter without sacrificing durability and a lot healthier. It has also made the mattress easier to rotate as it is not so dense and heavy.

Strangely spring beds have warmed up due to pillow tops having layer upon layer of padding with synthetics that don’t breathe, in the past they could breathe through the sides, but today most have “edge support” which tends to be a chunk of foam that completely blocks the sides from behaving as an air vent.

If you threw a bucket of water on old latex it would hold it for weeks, if you throw a bucket of water onto The Zenna, you simply remove the zip off washable cover and leave it where it is, it will be dry by the end of the day.



The reason they are so comfortable is because they don’t tell your body how to lie, regardless of body shape they will give around your bumpy bits and fill up the hollows.

By giving around the broader parts of your body they allow your blood to flow more freely so will you will lie still much longer and filling up the hollows it supports the small of your back or the waist when lying on your side and give proper support like a good car or computer seat.

This is what I have had against spring all the years, the majority of them are made up of separate individual springs which are then all knotted together so that they form a type of trampoline effect, how that is supposed to undulate to your body shape I don’t know, the padding can, but once again, if the padding is synthetic, it wears around your shoulders and hips and you quickly lose the support.



Lastly, the removable washable cover should be on all beds, although latex is dust mite resistant you will lose skin cells on the cover or you could accidentally spill a cup of coffee. Being able to remove and wash your cover kills all living organisms and your bed smells new again.”