Why Latex

Ventilation holes combine with an open cell construction to remove excess heat and moisture:

Featuring the latest breathable technology in latex mattresses, the Zenna has ventilation holes top, bottom and right through the sides. Combined with an open cell construction this lets the mattress breathe, removing excess heat and moisture.

The open cell construction of latex promotes airflow and will not retain moisture or mildew. Humans can lose up to a cup of water sweat into a mattress in a night, this moisture needs to escape! Zenna has breathing holes top bottom and sides, so all movement ventilates your mattress.

In addition to all the built-in ventilation, latex mattresses also allow extra movement of air when you move during your sleep. This happens because when you move around on the open-cell structure of latex, it creates a ‘pump and suck’ effect that encourages air to move into the area you just vacated.

Movement on a latex mattress encourages air to move in and out of the mattress through the open-cell structure and the pinholes. This helps you feel cooler while sleeping.

15 years ago, latex had a reputation for being a hot mattress as it was constructed in the same way foam mattresses were in that they were closed cell and retained body heat. Latex is designed with an open cell structure, in other words it is full of cells that aren’t completely encapsulated, the cells are deliberately left open. This makes the latex softer and more flexible. An open cell structure provides aerated bubbles circulating airflow and drastically reducing body heat retention.

Carbon negative

Carbon negativity is the reduction of an entity’s carbon footprint to less than neutral, so that the entity in question has a net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding it.

Tree-derived rubber comes from an entirely natural and environmentally friendly product. Latex comes from the Para rubber tree, harvesting and using the product itself has a low impact on the environment. The Para rubber tree is an ecologically sustainable crop and actually contributes to the maintenance of the global carbon balance in the atmosphere. The safety of the trees is ensured through the process in which it is harvested. They are partially “wounded” with an incision on the outer surface, used for a period of time, and then given time to heal naturally. The secretion of the latex is a part of the tree’s natural healing process.

Fire and fire-resistant treatments have become a major issue, synthetic mattresses such as foam are chemical based which can be harmful to your health. Most mattresses need to be treated with fire resistant materials that come with their own set of chemicals, latex mattresses are not treated with fire resistant materials as latex is not a fire hazard, it smoulders, unlike Petro chemical products.

Renewed Energy

The elasticity of latex makes nightly movement easy and assists in your movement while you sleep. Sleep is an active process and latex returns the energy you give; no effort is used during sleep; you wake up refreshed.

There are different phases in sleep. All of them are important. In order to go through them thoroughly, you cannot be disturbed. If there are pressure points created by an uncomfortable position, you will have to move. Even though you might not notice it because you don’t wake up completely, your sleep is disturbed. Hence avoiding pressure points and maximizing comfort is extremely important. However, since sleep is an active process, you will never stay still the whole night. So, it is important that the mattress “helps” you move. You cannot be “stuck” inside your sleeping surface as this will eventually result in a poorer sleep quality.

Still most recommended mattress by Chiropractors

Latex offer excellent support compared to other mattress types but give the pressure relief you need. It’s like a million little springs; they support your back as well as the uneven parts of your body ensuring natural alignment of the spine. It constantly gives and supports as you move about the mattress.

Most other forms of mattresses will give support for 3-4 years, then collapse in the most crucial support sections. Latex loses the least height and firmness of any mattress due to its durability; the support continues long term. The flexibility of latex partly assist’s in rotating the body at night, so it reduces the amount of energy used while sleeping.

Relieves pressure and promotes blood flow

Nobody is a straight line, we all have curves and hollows, the zones naturally allow body shape by giving around the shoulders and hips but supporting in the small of your back, promoting circulation and reducing the number of times you have to move during sleep. Zenna maximises comfort by achieving proper alignment of the back and reducing pressure points meaning better recovery.

Even pressure Distribution

Latex guarantees perfect pressure distribution, allowing muscle relaxation and promoting blood circulation. As there is no pressure on the broader parts of our body, blood flow is not slowed regardless of body shape or sleeping habits. We have a network of fine blood vessels called capillaries, that run underneath your skin, latex has the unique ability to gently cushion and support everybody contours.