When compared to many other latex mattresses, we believe the Zenna represents the best value pure latex mattress design available in Australia today. Be sure to consider these key facts and features when considering your pure latex mattress purchase.
One block of pure natural Certified European latex
NO chalks, NO fillers, NO glues and NO chemicals
No shifting layers
Unique 7 zone core
100% Natural Zip off washable bamboo cover with organic cotton flock
The only latex mattress recommended by Choice Magazine
The only mattress found to be cool by Choice Magazine
100 night trial
Poured into mould by robotics to ensure consistent results every time
Eco friendly factory
FSC Certified
LGA award for minimal height/hardness loss
Oeketek Certificate for no harmful materials
Eurolatex Award for eco- friendliness
Eco Institute Certified for 100% pure natural latex
Self ventilating
Fully aerated with holes top, bottom and through the sides
Noiseless and minimal partner disturbance
European Latex can remain vacuum packed for a year, unlike Asian Latex that will void your warranty if vacuum packed for more than 45 days