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The Best Bed For Back Pain​

In our expert opinion, we believe that there is no single “best” mattress specifically designed for back pain sufferers. However, if your goal is to alleviate or minimize back pain during and after sleep, it is essential to understand the potential causes and identify key factors that can offer relief. Let’s delve into these aspects and discuss what to consider when seeking a mattress that can provide the desired relief.

We have had many folks approach us over many years who suffer from compacted discs, bursitis, semi paralysed and other physical issues. No specific mattress is designed for these issues although there are mattresses that have names with a medical connotation. Every person with issues such as these is unique and would have a comfort level that could change daily and would require individual remedy. In many of these cases, their mattress would be used for longer during the day than the average person thus the first requirement would be a good quality and in particular a durable sleep product. Zenna latex mattresses offer 25 – 30 years of life in general whereas most innerspring mattresses would need to be replaced after 10 years. A Zenna mattress is an average of 75 density and has a firmer side and when flipped a softer side, when combined with a Zenna topper which is 65 density (medium soft) one can manipulate four different combinations each producing a different feel. 1) Topper on top of the soft side of the mattress. 2) Topper on top of the firm side of the mattress. 3) Mattress on top of the topper with the soft side facing up. 4) Mattress on top of the topper with the firm side facing up. For those with physical challenges, these combinations offer choices as time goes on and their comfort level changes.

Most folks who develop back aches and or shoulder discomfort without knowing the cause very often seek medical help and thereafter share the most common reason for these aches – their current mattress needs to be replaced.

Men do not have curves and most prefer a firmer feel together with an even sleeping surface. Most men will sleep on almost anything so long as it is not too soft. A common cause of lower back pain in men is the result of an innerspring mattress where the foam has lost its density and the sleeper is now in a hollow and their spine is bowed, the only remedy really is a new mattress.

Ladies will also have lower back pain with a mattress where the foam has lost its density, but they also endure discomfort where the mattress is too firm. Ladies have curves and on a too-firm mattress there is no cushioning for their hips and shoulders to sink into, their tummy then ends up on the sleeping surface and again they endure lower back aches as well as possible shoulder pain, numbness or pins and needles. A simple remedy is a softer topper or in the worst-case scenario a replacement mattress. For ladies in particular a mattress that is properly zoned is a must in our opinion, zoning means the mattress will be firmer in the hip area and softer in the shoulder area, this allows for the hip and shoulder to sink evenly into the mattress and keeps the spine level – medically this is deemed to be a healthy support.

Nature has provided for us to toss and turn and turn while we sleep, for healthy blood circulation. For those in very senior years we would recommend not to use memory foam products, memory foam has a “cocooning” effect, and one sinks into this, for seniors to try and roll over it is almost like trying to roll uphill and this can hamper blood circulation.

In all the above situations it really pays when researching mattresses to get advice from true mattress professionals. The Zenna latex mattress concept and design have been developed by two main team members who come from a genuine professional mattress manufacturing background with many years of manufacturing overseas as well as working with sleep laboratories. There are several so-called mattress experts online but none of them has actual experience or knowledge from a manufacturing or development point, these so-called mattress experts take commissions and will guide prospective customers to the products they make money on.

Zenna latex mattresses and toppers offer the best support, zoning, and longevity, are mould and mildew-resistant, dust-mite-resistant, breathable, are made with the natural and sustainable sap from the rubber tree and are good for the planet.